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Only nine percent of tech blogs correctly use google authorship.

The author

Mike Gomez

SEO Strategy Manager

Over on SearchEngineLand, Barry Schwartz shows us a study by Conducter whereby only nine percent of technology blogs have correctly implemented the Google Plus authorship tag (rel=author). That’s less than 1 in 10 blogs!

Barry goes on to say:

“This is somewhat shocking because (1) these are technology blogs that should know about the feature and (2) it is shown to increase the click through rate from the Google search results to the web site.

A higher click through rate leads to more ad impressions, which leads to more revenue for these technology blogs.

We’ve seen reports of authorship increasing click through rate by 30% to 150% or more.”

The survey showed that:
  • nine percent had correctly implemented rel=author by adding the tag and connecting the Google+ account correctly
  • three percent had only partially implemented the rel=”author” tag and did not connect the account correctly
  • a staggering 88 percent had failed to implement Google Authorship at all
With such a simple process involved, in addition to the click through rate studies mentioned, it is surprising that so few technology blogs have implemented this feature. With Google adding more integration between Google Plus and Google search, it will be even more important to have this feature to ensure that a website is not only benefiting from the improved CTR’s, but also to future proof itself from any developments that could arise.