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New ‘Site Error’ Features in Google Webmaster Tools.

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Epiphany Search

Google have announced a new feature within the ‘Site Errors’ section of Webmaster tools.  The extended feature will separate category crawling issues down into more detailed crawling errors, giving users a more granular view on the health of the site.

As an example, if a Googlebot isn’t able to crawl your site it will show you exactly why;  whether it’s a server connectivity issue, or because its blocked in the robots.txt or due to a DNS problem. However, it will now break the issue down even further into specific issues; as seen in the image below:     The ‘Site Errors’ will show detailed figures for each of your websites site-wide crawl errors over the previous 90 days.  They are then broken down into more detailed and specific errors within that category, showing the percentage failure rates for each problem. Google have also given users the ability to get a deeper explanation into what the error means, all you have to do is hover over the entry in the legend giving you a description, you are then able to get even more information by clicking the ‘more info’ link, as seen below: