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How to Use Beyonce’s Baby and Other Popular Trends to Set up Facebook Targeting.

The author

Matt Buckley

PPC Manager

Blue Ivy Carter, the already famous daughter of superstars Jay-Z and Beyoncé is guaranteed to generate enough interest to spawn hundreds of Facebook fan groups. For those of you that don’t know about the story, find out more here. Whilst the public and the paparazzi are in a frenzy to get hold of pictures of Blue Ivy Carter, the search marketing experts amongst us see this as an opportunity. The search volumes around terms such as ‘Beyoncé’s baby pictures’ are huge at the moment. A quick search on Facebook for ‘Blue Ivy Carter’ confirms there are already way more groups then I can fit into a screenshot: Facebook advertisers that are up to date with the latest news trends can potentially exploit the huge interest to expand their current campaigns. Here’s how: 1. Keep an eye on a news feed, scanning it regularly for potential stories big enough to have an impact on your Facebook campaign. 2. Work out if your target market corresponds to the latest search trend. For example, people looking for stories on Antony Worral Thompson stealing some cheese might not fall into one particular category. We can be fairly certain that people searching for pictures of Blue Ivy Carter are female and interested in both pop music and celebrities. 3. Armed with this knowledge, you can expand your Facebook target demographic to include people with an interest in the news story. E.g. if you were selling a subscription to a celebrity magazine, the Blue Ivy Carter story would be perfect. 4. Test performance- not every story will add huge volumes to your campaign like the Blue Ivy Carter one will, but testing out each opportunity is the best way to ensure your campaign never goes stale. N. B. This blog post is a perfect example of the power of current trends, with such huge search volumes around “Beyonce” terms; this blog post received roughly 10x more traffic than other posts published in January. - @matt_buckley