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Tom Salmon

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Epiphany at Internet World; The New Formula for Search

We took our message about the new approach to search marketing to Internet World. Our team spoke to thousands of digital marketers about how search has changed and how to innovate. This is a story about three days at London's Earls Court in April 2012...

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Epiphany - The New Formula for Searchepiphanysearch
We built a rather clever stand, with help from White Space Creative, and handed out thousands of smoking test tube cocktails...
Best brand in show at #iwexpo @Epiphanysearch #nice
RT @Epiphanysearch: If you are at Internet World today, come to say hello and try one of our smoking fruity cocktails! #iwexpo Space Creative
Epiphany at Internet World 2012 | FacebookSign Up Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
@Epiphanysearch looking good chaps! Hope #iwexpo goes wellAmy Noel
Then we hosted a series of sessions about the new formula for search and digital marketing...
Seen some great talks today from @craftedmedia and @epiphanysearch good content well delivered without a plethora of BS bingo :-)Rowan Williams
The new formula for search @Epiphanysearch Jagpal
Chris (Head of PPC) introduced 200 people to the basic elements of PPC...
RT @robshaw99: @ChrisRowett telling it like it is for @Epiphanysearch at @iw_expo Callaghan
@andyheaps, just watched @epiphanysearch give a talk on PPC in the Digital Marketing lounge. Your man can talk fast. Insightful mind.Si Jobling
Malcolm (SEO Project Manager) explained how innovative search depends on a multidisciplinary approach...
The new 2012 seo team via @epiphanysearch at #iwexpoJoao da Costa
RT @FDCStudio: @Epiphanysearch Malcolm is soaring- great overview so far!Dom Hodgson
Highlight of the day: .@epiphanysearch tried to lure me to their very popular search session with a cocktail... #iwexpo Anderson
Dan (Head of SEO) got passionate about measuring ROI...
how @Epiphanysearch sees ROI: "the new formula for search" #iwexpo Neumann
Gaz (Creative Director) talked about his journey and how search is one of the most creative disciplines in marketing...
@iamgaz drops a creative bombshell to a packed house at Internet World #iwexpo Salmon
RT @chrisbratt: At #iwexpo again today. Great talk by Gareth Battersby of @Epiphanysearch already this morning.Internet World
Day off to a good start with @iamgaz at #iwexpo - inspired me to build a new website at the weekend and start designing infogramsDaryl Binelli
Malcolm stole the show as one of three experts on 'Search Marketing Gurus' Agenda Setters panel, talking to 350 marketers about the changing landscape of search...
RT @Epiphanysearch: What do you think of latest Google algorithm update? @SEOMalc says 'Honestly? I'm loving it. Quite agree with what Google is doing' #iwexpoMatthew Stead
Today at @iw_expo discovered some GREAT graphics at SEO Agency @Epiphanysearch. Cool stuff guys!katy simpson
And we got some lovely feedback....
My favourite stand of #iwexpo - @epiphanysearchVince Pettit
Great to chat to @Epiphanysearch! Loved my icy treat, thank youKatie Jameson
Great day at #iwexpo - top marks to Sage Pay for their fantastic stand. And an excellent presentation by @Epiphanysearch. Back on Thursday!Christopher Bratt
@iamgaz @SEOMalc it was a really good pres- expect a blog gleaming blog post! :DFDC Monsters
A huge thanks to @epiphanysearch for this enlightening presentation; the slides have been great! Will they be available somewhere? #iwexpoMIchael R. Lorek
.@epiphanysearch 's lab really stands out. Love the brightness and freshness of the booth #iwexpo Anderson
Come and say hello...
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