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Paul Martin

Director of SEO (Australia)

Norton, a brand owned by Symantec and known for its anti-virus software, yesterday announced a free brand protection tool. Called Norton Top Search, the tool enables anyone to control the very top search result for search queries on their own name. The system is based on using Google’s AdWords PPC platform to bid on your name and display the advert of your choosing. You can create the PPC advert yourself and include any information you wish. To ensure that you are only allowed to create an advert for yourself, the system requires you to verify your name and email address by signing into your Facebook account. While using PPC in this way is a legitimate form of brand protection, it can be expensive to maintain, especially if you have a common name or are well known in your industry. Because of this, buried in the small print of the Norton Top Search tool, Symantec state that they will terminate the advert after it has received a maximum of five clicks. Therefore this tool offers a novelty, rather than a sustainable form of online reputation management. If you wish to take control of your brand online within Google, or any other search engine, a blend of both PPC and SEO will ensure a stable and long term way to maintain a strong brand presence within search. Get in touch with Epiphany if you would like to see how we could help with your online reputation management or Tweet me @PG_Martin.