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A look into Lady Gaga’s social media platform.

The author

Nicola Good

Programme Director

So, recently I blogged about the new social media platform introduced by Lady Gaga called Little Monsters. Well today I got access to the beta site and am apparently one of the first ‘little monsters’ to gain access.

Firstly I’d like to say I was unable to sign up normally and had to sign up through Facebook in the end. I was concerned this was going to paste ‘I LOVE LADY GAGA’ all over my Facebook wall which would have been highly embarrassing – it didn’t!

When doing the tour I realised it was a combination of what’s already out there in social media platforms. Some of the key features of the site are:

  • User profiles for ‘Little Monsters’
    • Have a biography about yourself
    • Set tags for interests, music, skills and websites you like
    • Get fans and become a fan of other ‘Little Monsters’
    • Show all your posts, likes, comments
  • Online chat rooms and ability to create your own
  • Events list
  • Centralised hub for all Gaga related discussions, images, videos and news

After snooping around I realised I was actually quite bored, maybe this is because I’m not a fan of Lady Gaga so find the content quite dull. Maybe it’s the community of little monsters that are posting on the site. All I know is that some of the language used is offensive for such an open platform of varying ages! It’s also like trying to find a needle in a haystack trying to find a good bit of content as most users are posting comments such as <3 IM IN LOVE WITH JUDAAAAS – Well that’s a surprise, a ‘Little Monster’ loves Gaga! Maybe if I was a teenager again this would be the best thing since sliced bread or maybe if it was someone I was a HUGE fan of then I would have more appreciation. Concept wise it’s another step on, instead of having a fan page why not create your own social media platform, I applaud that! I just wonder with all the platforms already out there, is this a step too far or is it the next step for all celebs and their fans?!