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Although I am a conscientious and wholly law-abiding motorcyclist, who would never condone any infringement of the Road Traffic Act, I have to admit to taking a certain childish delight in watching the many YouTube videos showing insane bike riding like this one: With the abundant supply of affordable camera equipment and mounts suitable for bikes, it’s perhaps not surprising that many people choose to document their own antics and share them with the world via YouTube. However, they should be careful what they film since recently the police have been using these videos as evidence to prosecute the reckless individuals.

Perhaps you could argue if these people are stupid enough to film themselves getting on their bikes (with a clear shot of the number plate) to ride at 160mph on public roads, and then posting it somewhere as publicly visible as YouTube, they deserve to get caught. OK this is an extreme example, but where do you draw the line? All of the manufacturers have glossy filmic videos of their latest machines, sweeping through idyllic Alpine passes complete with the obligatory attractive blond. That’s great that no one is breaking any laws or getting hurt. These videos definitely have me going straight to their main site pouring over the technical specs and finance options, desperately trying to justify spending serious money on what is essentially a big toy. One of the most prolific motorbike magazines MCN has lots of YouTube reviews of new bikes. This is great because it means I get a great review from an experienced rider in a really easily digestible format. It also has me on their site taking in the various adverts and hovering over the subscribe button. However they also have a series of videos giving instructions on how to pop wheelies and how to get your knee down etc… You would never catch me deliberately seeking out large roundabouts with freshly laid tarmac to perfect the art of getting your knee down, just to gain the unquestionable boasting rights. However, it does have the same effect of driving traffic the their site. In light of the recent police persecutions, could these guys potentially get themselves in trouble with the law? Not sure how the resulting fine would affect the ROI, but then again, perhaps it is worth it...