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Measuring your social networking power is big news; there are a clutch of tools on the web which will help you see where you are in the grand scheme of things. It's difficult to know how accurate measurements of this type are, but the Sunday Times has weighed in recently with its own take: the Social List. Like the Sunday Times Rich List, which we'd probably only dream of appearing on, this tool checks your activity from the four largest social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare.

By measuring the interactions in these social networks, such as who comments or shares your content, the tool builds up a picture of where you fit in the social media world. It tells your position in the Social List, shows your progress over time, and allows you to compare your score with your friends. You can track your progress over time, and see how your social ranking changes. One important difference is that it doesn't track the content of your posts and tweets, merely the interactions between them. A tool like Klout will suggest what topics you are influential on, but not the Social List. Since the idea of social media is to involve and interact, this might be a great feature. However, there is a danger that it places less importance on what you say and more on how loudly you shout. I'll be checking back in to the Social List to see which direction my social media profile is heading - I'm currently 23,891st in the list! Why not go and connect your account and see how you rank, and let me know on Twitter - @chris5marsh.