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Earlier this month, the world wide web celebrated it’s 20th birthday! It was 20 years ago that the first website, a placeholder page written by Sir Berners-Lee on August 6 1991, went live. The web has been growing at an amazing speed since it was first publically available – between 2005 and March 2011 the number of web users has doubled with a total number of more than two billion world wide, according to Internet World Stats with Europe being responsible for 22.7% of those users.

In the past two decades the web has evolved and the world has changed alongside it.  News travels faster than ever, with events being reported on in real time. People now have access to a platform to share their voice to vent frustrations or share their experiences. Politics have been forced to become more transparent and social interactions have been more varied and far-reaching. I recently spent a long weekend in a reception black spot and for the first time in a long time, I got to experience life without web access.  It got me thinking about how much web access enriches our lives and how much we take it for granted every day. Every morning when I wake up, I check the news sites as I have my morning cup of coffee – being able to read up on the world news without having to leave your duvet is a luxury I can’t imagine having to give up! From a business sense, the web has thrown open a global market creating countless jobs throughout the world and given small business owners the opportunity to get their product or service in front of an ever expanding audience. Every business owner knows the importance of ensuring they have an online presence and are maximizing on the opportunities being afforded to companies through digital marketing. The web has become a part of our everyday lives – something we access at home, on the move, on our phones and on TV. It’s changed the way we communicate and has been a key factor in shaping modern society and the global economy. Even though it’s changed so much from what it first looked like, the web is still very much in the early stages and still evolving! So here’s to the next twenty years! How do you think the web has changed? Please leave your comments below!