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Using Google Sites to Set Up Mobile Specific Landing Pages.

The author

James Holding

Head of Analytics

Google has been pushing the creation of mobile friendly sites for a while now. I have read several published documents from Google about the growth of mobile and how it will become the dominant form of search within the next few years. More recently I noticed an interesting article on the adwords blogspot regarding mobile specific landing pages. The statistics near the top of the post state that "61% of mobile visitors who have a negative experience with a mobile site are unlikely to return," This shows many mobile users are not forgiving when businesses provide them with a poor experience.

Mobile Websites Creating a site that works well on a mobile can be a technically difficult and possibly costly process. In my opinion, betfair has produced an excellent mobile site. The screenshot below automatically displays when you try to visit the betfair website on a mobile. Because the screen real estate is much smaller and the main method of interaction is touch screen (rather than the traditional mouse), the best results are achieved from mobile specific websites, which is where Google sites comes in. Google Sites For Mobile Landing Page Creation Google has suggested the use of Google sites to create a mobile specific landing page, ensuring that visitors from mobile are not presented with a bad experience when visiting your site. I think this is an excellent idea in principal, especially for the smaller businesses who cannot afford it, or yet have the traffic to justify a mobile specific site. However, in no way do I believe this is a substitute for a well-designed mobile site. Smaller businesses will be able to use this as a stop gap to present customers with a relevant, easy to use page, ensuring that the mobile browsing experience is beneficial to the customer rather than a hindrance. Alongside the previously mentioned blog post, Google have provided initial template ideas to get you started on simple mobile landing pages. Google sites also has the advantage of an easy integration with Google Analytics (which most smaller businesses are likely to be using). Worried about optimising your site for mobile, yet cannot afford to create a specific mobile site? Consider Google sites as a stop gap solution to benefit your customers today. Please leave your comments - @JamesMHolding