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Welcome to Part Three of my link building guide! This post is a list of, in my opinion, the top five Twitter accounts to follow and the top five blogs. Here is Part One and Two of the guide in case you missed them.

Top 5 Twitter Accounts to follow: @GarrettFrench – a fountain of link building knowledge can be found via Garrett's Twitter account. His wealth of knowledge on link building can be measured by his contributions on Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch, as well as his creation of Ontolo and the later mentioned Citation Labs toolset. @debramastaler – Debra is a tweeter and re-tweeter of very useful link building information. Worth following if you want to hear from a veteran linkbuilder. @wilreynolds – Wil doesn't regularly tweet about link building, but when he does, it's always great information. I started following him based on an excellent presentation at LinkLove. He apparently “LOVES building links”. @stuntdubl – I've only just started following Todd Malicoat but he has made the list based on the fact that he is considered one of the top link building experts around. @randfish – despite the fact he tweets about everything SEO and not just link building, every link builder needs to follow Rand. Many consider him to be one of the most influential people in SEO. Top 5 Blogs to read: – Wiep Knol is a link marketing consultant from the Netherlands and blogs about a wide range of link building techniques. The very best thing about his blog is the work he puts into creating “link building this month” - which is a list of the top link building posts of a particular month. Ross Hudgens – You'll find Ross actually features several times in this guide because he produces some great link building posts. I haven't been following his blog for long but what I've seen so far has been very useful. Ontolo – As a link building tools company, you'd expect them to produce some useful link building posts. They do produce some great guides. The only downside is a lot of their guides are focused around their own tools (as you'd expect). The Link Spiel – Although the posts aren't regular every month, Deborah Mastaler is a veteran in the link building world and writes some excellent posts about all areas of link building. The posts are a lot more personal and approachable than most major SEO websites. I particularly enjoyed Is an image worth a thousand words? Seargh Engine Land – I wasn't sure whether to include this in the list or not because to view all the posts you must be a premium member. However, the blog is regularly updated with useful information for both new starters and veterans. Did I miss any that you'd like to add? Please leave me a comment below or on Twitter - @jakeyrainbow