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Epiphany Search

Over the coming months I'll be working with Andy to come up with a series of simple SEO utilities using C# and also a *nix based language so you can see the same solution implemented in two different languages (and development styles!). For simplicity, I'll be writing my solutions as basic Console applications to make them quick and easy for you to use.

The full downloadable source code will also be available for all my solutions, so you can easily download the solution and just click "Run" to see it in action yourself!

What You'll Get

- Working SEO utilities - Easy to follow code examples - The same utility written in C# and a *nix related language

Round One - Keyword Density

For the first post we're going to look at a commonly understood metric - keyword density. Although keyword density no longer takes as big of a role as it used to in rankings, it's still a good metric to keep track of and can be helpful when researching keyword lists. The utility will: - Accept a URL - Accept a 'minimum word occurrences' parameter - Accept a 'minimum word length' parameter - Exclude any common stop words (e.g. a,the,then,if) - Return a list of keyword occurrences contained in the body of the page

What You'll Need For My Solutions

All my solutions will be in C#, so if you haven't got Visual Studio, go download and install the free Visual Studio Express 2010. Be sure to check back next week for the first challenge - @MeniroDev