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Matt Buckley

PPC Manager

Last month, René Woo-Ram Lee entered his design for a mobile computer to the Fujitsu Design Award 2011. His design, called the ‘Bento Box’ is a combination of separate parts that integrate seamlessly to form a new type of modular laptop.

There are a lot of people that already own a smartphone, an external hard disk and a tablet or laptop pc. This design combines all three into a very unique and usable package that could be the next logical step for mobile computing. Thanks to the modular structure, the design works on all levels. The user can upgrade the pad or the phone every couple of years and keep the book docking station. When the battery wears down or when the user needs more hard disk space, those parts can be changed too. Unfortunately as the market currently stands, great design isn’t enough to guarantee success. There are only one or two brands that have a good enough reputation to make a success of a project like this. The users have to trust the brand enough to buy into such an encompassing product like this. Would you exchange your tablet, phone and laptop for a device from a single manufacturer? If it was good enough, then the answer is probably yes. There is only one company currently that provides a seamless user experience in all three markets and its Apple. A few years down the line, the Google Android system might reach a similar level of usability. Motorola are already trying something similar with the ATRIX and no doubt other manufacturers are bound to follow suit. For more information and visuals visit the source: Yankodesign Any thoughts or comments on this new product?