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Rachael Casper

Web Developer

The whisky Ballantine’s is currently running a Facebook page to celebrate original minds as part of its ongoing Plan B campaign. The Facebook page streams artists working on a particular project, and followers can chat and interact with them via the page. The last stream was a London-based sculptor who brought an Ice robot to life. However it’s the previous video that interests me more. A French tattoo artist called Karl has created the first animated tattoo using a data matrix code (and a willing person’s chest!).

The data matrix code is included in the design of the tattoo; it can then be read using a mobile phone barcode reader app like NeoReader. The code links to a site which has an animation that, when held over the code, completes the tattoo. Over the last year or so I have worked on a couple of augmented reality projects using QR codes to display 3D objects or adverts, but I’ve always thought they could be used in more interesting ways. Not sure I’d have one permanently drawn on me though! It would be interesting to know of any other unusual uses out there. Please share - @rlparker81