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Abi Liddle

Client Services Director

Fascinator. Check. Union flag tea towel. Check. Day off. Check. Yes I am nearly beside myself with excitement about the upcoming royal nuptials! OK I'm actually not. I am pleased however to have the day off and I am mildly curious on whether Kate Middleton will be wearing an Alexander McQueen dress. Apart from that, I’m definitely veering towards the apathetic side of things. Having said that, as an owner of a Charles and Di wedding mug from ‘81, I wonder how this royal wedding will differ from those big ones back in the 80s. I hear that street parties are not looking as popular as they were back in the day. So does that mean people will be looking online for their royal fix instead of hitting the streets?  The official organisers certainly think so and they’ve gone all out on the social media front as a result.

The website is being updated daily and features YouTube videos, although the comment facility has been disabled. There is a Twitter feed, which features only their announcements rather than risk any interactivity (although apparently our future king has shared some thoughts via the account). Every page has the facility to be Facebook liked, and they’re using Flickr to publish more than 3000 photos. Best of all, the site will be making the music performed during the ceremony immediately available for download!! And on the big day (or now if you just can’t wait), Google Earth will allow you to walk the royal procession route with its 3D Tour. Google has obligingly ‘planted’ more than 12,000 3D trees in St James, Hyde Park and Green Park to make it all the more scenic and romantic for those virtual bystanders. Who knew the Royals were so this century?! I was wondering if this Royal Wedding site was being used to simply publish content out to the media, but more than 30,000 likes and a subsequent visit to the British Monarchy Facebook page shows that people really are interested. As I suspected, a lot of that interest is international. However, there appears to be plenty of patriotic Brits participating and with more than 320,000 followers, comments and likes on every piece of content published, maybe some people are actually looking forward to the big day for more than just the Bank Holiday! The organisers are promoting the content on the wedding site through the Facebook feed, which is the obvious way of driving them to the site. It just seems a shame that the official Facebook page is the only area in which this community can interact. The comprehensive Royal Wedding site has all the information and is using all the tools, but it just stops short of actually allowing its subjects to participate and generate more excitement and content through interactivity. Source: Official Royal Wedding Site