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Andy Heaps

Group Operations Director

Search conference season is upon us, with many of the world’s best known online marketers sharing some of their secrets and insights at a variety of events over the next few months. The Epiphany SEO and PPC team will be out in force at a number of events, our pick of the bunch for the first half of 2011 are:

One of the original search conferences, the SES presence in the UK continues to grow. The spectrum of sessions aims to attract beginners through to experts in everything from SEO, PPC, Social and Analytics.

Similar to SES, SMX is the ‘other’ large scale conference in the UK this year. We’d recommend going to one of SES or SMX, but not both. There is usually quite a cross over in speakers and sessions although SMX tends to offer more advanced sessions than SES.

Typically covering topics like different search engines & user behaviour around the world as well as different search tactics and strategies, ISS is a must for anyone involved in search campaigns outside of the UK. ISS is now run in conjunction with SMX and buying tickets for the 2 together usually provides a nice discount.

Think Visibility has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and being based in Leeds we’re big fans. Much more intimate and friendly than the bigger events, Think Vis is a great place to ask all those search questions you’ve been wondering about. The after-parties offer great opportunities to network and find out search secrets that wouldn’t be spoken about in a presentation!

The “search , analytics and social” conference is now in its second year (and now expanded to 2 days), and continues to attract a strong set of speakers from around the UK and Europe. Like Think Visibility it has a much friendlier and more intimate vibe than the bigger conferences with plenty of opportunities to mingle with speakers in between sessions. If you’re attending any of these be sure to let us know!