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Two incredibly fast-paced and ever changing industries, racing along through their respective sub-channels of the marketing sphere. But what do you get when these two super-industries collide? Armageddon? Or an explosion of new ideas, with infinite possibility? PR in SEO is about going further and it’s not just about re-invigorating the approach you use to seed your link in once it’s been created. It’s about tailoring your content so it’s of genuine value and use to the website hosting it in the first place. It’s about reversing the whole links process.

Importantly, it’s not just about sending a copied email to a few hundred contacts on your list. It’s about picking up the phone and calling these people – investing time into building great working relationships which are both genuine and mutually rewarding. Keeping on top of the game and up to date with current affairs is essential for this approach to work. Emphasis has to be placed on making content newsworthy. Now, we’re not just talking about the conventional ‘sheep in wolf’s clothing’ PR approach. We’re talking about creating innovative work of genuine interest, and compiling brand new statistics and research which sells itself as a quality piece of content. It’s about being contemporary and relevant. So what is considered ‘newsworthy’? Well, I think to merit the use of this vague description, it’s necessary to meet five different criteria.

  • Timing – News needs to be ‘new’.
  • Significance – How big is the story? The fact that your local supermarket ran out of cat food isn’t going to make the headlines.
  • Location – What places are your target audience going to have an interest in? This is particularly important when considering regional news sites.
  • Relevance – Is it a contemporary issue?
  • Public Interest – Is there a genuine public interest in what’s being reported? Or are the public merely interested in what you have to say? Noting the difference between the two is critical when considering whether or not a story has news value.

The SEO advantage of this is simple. Google’s algorithm assigns more weight to links from websites with proven authority in their respective niches. These links don’t come with a price tag – they have to be earned - so why not push a bit harder, and go out and earn them by producing content of genuine news value? We’re moving towards links that are 100% organic; a move that doesn’t just benefit the client, but also benefits the website linking to your content. There’s a move toward a real symbiosis between those that produce, and those that host content. There’s a whole universe of new ideas waiting to be tapped into in search marketing. And as for the PR/SEO Big Bang; well, it may just be the next big thing… What are your thoughts on PR and SEO? Where do you think the lines meet? Twitter: @amybyard