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The SEO benefits of Twitter are well documented; tweeting and sharing quality content can indeed improve ranking for specific topics. With that in mind, here are a few tools I have been using to improve and monitor usage on Twitter. 1) Klout - I am quite aware how pitiful this next statement could sound, but one of the first things I do in a morning, when in front of my machine, is check my Klout score. Klout is a great starting point for anybody looking to improve their use of Twitter. Klout provides a measurement of your online influence. With a score ranging from 1 - 100, it uses a number of variables to calculate your True Reach, Amplification and Network Score. For me it has been a great tool to track and measure the effect of certain tweets, and to find out who it is I am connecting with as well as who I should be connecting with. It is also a great tool for comparing different users, to find out what works and what fails for both parties, and ultimately what lessons you can learn from how they are using their account. 2) TwitterCounter - Similar in many ways to Klout, but with less focus on assigning values to concepts such as reach and and influence. TwitterCounter is purely about the hard stats of how often you tweet and how many new followers you are gaining and losing. It also sets achievement targets for you to try and achieve, adding a gaming element to your account.

3) Tweepi - I am quite new to Tweepi, but what I have seen and used so far, I have been impressed with. It presents data in clear and easily understood manner. It also allows you to 'Flush out Unfollowers' and 'Reciprocate' users who follow you but you don't follow back. It is a handy service to get an overview of your account without too much fuss. There are a few other tools to help you identify potential new followers and to join lists you may be interested in. It is quite a neat service. 4) Tweriod - Ever wondered what would be the best time to post some curial content via Twitter? Then Tweriod is the tool you need. It fetches data from your followers account and analyses their last 200 Tweets to find the perfect time to publish your tweet to get maximum exposure. 5) Advanced Twitter Search - Easily overlooked as a useful tool, but the Advanced Search feature on Twitter is a top tool for searching for topics, keywords and trends. It should always be in your arsenal of Twitter tools as it is light, simple and easy to use. Let me know if you use any of these yourself, or if you think I have missed any of the list.