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Matt Buckley

PPC Manager

Reports are coming in from all over the web of a new feature appearing when visiting a friend’s page. Some users have noticed a Call button appear next to the regular Chat and Send Message buttons: The feature doesn’t seem to work properly at the moment, but there is a really good chance that we might see this rolled out site wide at some time in the future.

Recently, Facebook has been busy developing other new features that the normal user might have overlooked. Contacts have been integrated with Skype’s VOIP software and users can now access their Facebook Phonebook friends list from within the software, allowing them to call up friends directly without manually inputting any contact information. A secure login system has also been implemented, which means users can access the site without the risk of anyone intercepting their details. It will be available soon through the account security menu found within account settings page. This VOIP feature could possibly be the next step in their grand plan. These changes are big news for the social network as they are rapidly integrating more and more aspects of our online life into one portal. They recently overtook Yahoo as the third most trafficked website in the world and there are no signs that their growth will slow any time soon. Facebook is really pushing to become the go-to site on the web and with ad revenue of roughly $1.8 billion dollars for 2010, its big business. The more services that Facebook provides, the longer they can keep visitors on their website and this eventually translates to more ad dollars for the social media giant.