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The first ever Appy Awards took place last month in London, hosted by none other than Top Gear’s Richard Hammond, obviously! It may come as no surprise to you that Angry Birds swooped the awards for Best App of the Year and Best Game. Other winners included Facebook for the Best Time Waster and Amazon for Best Lifestyle App. In case you have never come across Angry Birds before, it is a game which started as an iPhone app in 2009, produced by Finish company Rovio for just £70,000. It has since grossed more than $70 million (£42.5 million) making it one of the most profitable games in history. The basis of the game is to kill the pigs who have stolen the Angry Birds’ eggs by catapulting the angry birds at the pigs (which are green for some reason).  You can also collect golden eggs along the way which open up extra levels.

I for one am an Angry Birds fan; it is just so addictive. Just when you are getting slightly bored of it, they bring out a new version or levels.  The people at Angry Birds certainly know how to keep people hooked. There are now several versions of the game – the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons in which new games are brought out throughout the year at no extra cost i.e. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and most recently an Easter version.  ‘Angry Birds Rio’, based on the new animated film Rio, is the latest version of the game. And if that wasn’t enough new features are constantly being added such as the ‘Mighty Eagle’ which you can buy as a one off cost and use to complete levels when you are stuck, a clever way to squeeze that extra bit of cash out of fans!  Additionally, if you ‘like’ Angry Birds on Facebook or ‘follow’ on Twitter you gain a bonus level! You can even buy Angry Birds cuddly toys, T shirts and now Easter cards!  There is an Angry Birds Facebook game coming soon and there’s also talk of making an Angry Birds Film, where will it end?! Angry Birds is a great example of how to engage with your customers and maximise revenue from a successful app.  If you have the right elements i.e. an addictive game, good usability/game play, nice graphics, constant new features and game variations you can make a small fortune. I’ve got a confession, Angry Birds isn’t the only app I’m addicted to at the moment, I’m spending far too much time playing on the scrabble like game ‘words with friends’ but in my defence this game is quite sociable, right? You play with friends and I’m also working my brain and extending my vocabulary, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway! The Appy Award winners: Best Game: Angry Birds Best Fashion: eBay Fashion Best Lifestyle: Amazon Best Money Saving: Skype Best Music: Spotify Best Photography: Adobe Photoshop Best Sport: Sky Sports News Best Time Saver: Google Maps Best Time Waster: Facebook Best Travel: TripAdvisor App of the Year: Angry Birds