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Mike Gomez, SEO Strategy Manager

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Mike Gomez

SEO Strategy Manager

Google+ Business Pages has launched! In this post, I will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to set up a page for your business and how to integrate Google+ into your website,  making your Google+ profile discoverable on Google.

Google+ Business Pages – What Is It?

With a similar feel to Facebook Pages, Google+ Business gives companies and brands a platform to share and connect with their customer base through content such as photos, videos, blog posts and status updates. Like with the Google+ profiles for individuals, Google+ Business Pages also provides users with ‘Circles’ to help group together people to share content and converse with them based on their interests. Want to take your customer engagement further? Host a ‘Hangout’ session where you can connect with a group via a webcam for feedback sessions or planned conversations with your most passionate customers. As Google states: “The goal is to help you communicate in more intimate ways with different groups of people.

How to Setup a ‘Google+ Business’ Page

  1. If you haven’t already, set up a Google+ account.
  2. Once on your Google+ profile page, click on ‘Create a Google+ Page’
  3. You’ll then be taken through a simple setup up process including the type of business you are, your company tagline and a few photos that show what your business is all about before viewing your Business profile.
  4. Hit ‘Finish’ and you’ll be shown your business page.

At this point it will look pretty empty. Focus on the basic set up which will include the following:

  • Add a company logo
  • Prepare up to 20 posts so you have content on your page straight away
  • Upload any videos and photos and share those on your main page.
  • Setup your tag line if you haven’t already
  • Link to any sites that are related/relevant to your business including your own company website. You have space for up to 20.

That is your Google+ Business Page set up. Be sure to plan what you will be posting and how frequently to give your viewers a reason to come back. This could be status updates, videos, photos, latest blog posts or special discounts to name a few.

Google +1 Count Versus Followers

Google+ Pages have both a +1 count and a follower count (see to the left of the above image). What’s the difference? The followers are those who have added the company to one of their circles; these followers will see that company’s updates within their own content stream. The +1 count is a sum of all those users that have shared the company Google+ page with their own network. Whether the +1 number will contribute to rankings within Google is yet to be known.

How to Add the Google+ Badge to Your Website

Along with the release of Google+ Business Pages, Google have also launched the Google+ badge that can be added to your website to inform visitors that your company is active on Google+. To add the G+ badge:

  1. Copy your profile ID (this will be the number in the URL when on your profile page).
  2. Head over to the Google+ badge configuration tool and add your profile ID where prompted
  3. Choose one of the badges underneath and a code snippet will show.
  4. Copy and paste the code to a suitable position within your website’s source code.

Google+ Direct Connect

Google+ Direct Connect allows your audience to find your Google+ page easily. By adding a ‘+’ in front of a company name, you will be shown a preview of that company’s Google+ page. Remember - your website must be verified. To do this:

  1. Link to your website from your Google+ Business Page
  2. Add a Google+ badge to your website
  3. Add the following code to your website (changing ‘[yourpageID]’ to your profile’s ID number):<link rel="publisher" href="[yourpageID]" />

Want to Know More? Google has a couple of videos to show off the new Google+ Page features:

Google+ Pages Video


Google+ Direct Connect Video

You can also view a number of Google+ pages that have already been created including: Pepsi Barcelona Football Club Burberry(Definitely check out their profile photo set!) H&M Toyota WWE The full list can be found on Google’s own blog post.

Ask Away!

If you have any questions about the new Google+ Business pages, certainly leave us a comment below. And if you’ve set up and are managing a page, we’d love to hear what your thoughts are so far.