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The author

Paul Martin

Director of SEO (Australia)

This week Google launched, short for What Do You Love, which is a showcase of all their widgets and products that they offer to users. The site invites a user to search for anything they wish, then using such apps as Google Maps, Products, Images and SketchUp, presents them with a range of related information based on their search query.

However, their launch was flawed by a basic SEO error - they forgot to handle the non-www version of the URL. Visitors could only access the site through, and should they go to, they would be presented with a 404 error page. Not great! Their oversight had further implications. As this domain, in a former life, appears to have been some sort of paid directory, the lack of handling the non-www version of the URL meant that a Google search for “” returned a rather interesting snippet: Luckily for Google, the history of the domain wasn’t of a more dubious nature or else they may have found themselves with a big PR issue on their hands. It just goes to show that whenever launching a site, always check and double check that all is ready before setting it live!