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Google Now Puts Display URL Domain in Headline of Some PPC Adverts .

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Epiphany Search

Last month, Google started putting the Display URL domain in the headline of PPC adverts for some advertisers. This only shows in “select top placement ads on Google,” according to the official Adwords blog. This is an attempt to make the brand more prominent. It will not show if the domain is already in the headline, but it will show even when the first description line has been moved up to the headline (unless the whole headline is more than 68 characters).

Below is an example of how it looks in the search results: The impact of this change will be different for all advertisers and the keywords it occurs for.  This addition from Google could be a response to the amount of users who type URLs into the search box in a search engine instead of going directly to the website. If an advertiser is bidding on the domain name for that account, there is a good chance the click-through rate will increase for such terms. When looking for property in Leeds, two of the top three ads now have the display URL domain in the headline. Neither domain is keyword rich although it is good for branding in this case, but the impact is probably less significant in this situation. The screen shot below is for the search term “garden centre leeds.” The top advert has the display URL domain in the advert and the domain includes the words “garden centre.” This could make the advert more prominent compared to competitors and help the click-through rate for the keywords within the domain. It is an interesting addition to the sponsored results and I will be keeping an eye on how it affects the domain style keywords within accounts. I think this could aid the click-through rate for brand terms and for those keywords included in your URL, but it will be interesting to see if it actually makes a significant difference in practise.