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On my travels across the web Wednesday, I somehow came across the first SERP for the term ‘Adidas Originals,’ and I swear Rob, I wasn’t just looking for a new pair of pumps...really! Now as expected the Adidas site ranked first for the term as you would expect, but the search snippet from the first organic listing looked quite peculiar indeed.

Search Snippet

Now for those who don’t know, the search snippet was a feature Google introduced in early 2006, in order to enhance its user experience. The snippet is the two-line summary that appears along with the link to the website.

It is more often than not taken from the pages Meta Description or an amalgamation of the content on the page, usually related to the content and the target audience. Now the below sentence didn't look like a snippet that would be anywhere either on the UK Adidas Originals page or associated to the page. Откройте для себя коллекции винтажной одежды, ретрообуви и городской одежды adidas Originals, в которых спортивный дизайн сочетается с непреходящим стилем...

Google Translate

Now if I am to use Google Translate to see what the above Russian means I get the following back in English. I know its Russian as Google detected it was…. “Discover a collection of vintage clothes, urban clothing and retroobuvi adidas Originals, in which the sporty design coupled with timeless style”

Pages Meta Description

Now the ranking page does have a Meta Description and it is in English and it is as follows (taken from the current Google Cache): "Discover adidas Originals collections of vintage clothing, retro shoes and urban wear that blend timeless 70s and 80s designs with sports styles." Conclusion So it would appear that for the search result of ‘Adidas Originals’ in, Google has decided that for the first listings search snippet it would take the sites' actual Meta Description, and translate it into Russian before displaying it. Well the best guess is that it is an anomaly, but how the search results managed it would be interesting to hear. Other than that Google is either anticipating a Russian takeover of the UK or Russian Mobsters have hacked big G.