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Last week Google confirmed that it will now start serving AdWords at the bottom of search results moving them from the right hand side of the page.  The move comes following Google’s research that most users flick through to the bottom of the page before scanning the adverts on the right.  This is meant to be more in line with the user’s behaviour therefore increasing the user experience and potentially the ad performance.

Jerry Dischler, director of search ads product management at Google has stated “ads that have previously shown to the side of the results may in some cases appear below them. We dynamically optimize each search page, including its ads, to provide the best experience for our users.” There is a lot of concern around how this change will affect click through rates and definitely an element that we will monitor very carefully.  Google has provided a segment, 'top versus side', to go alongside this update. It will allow you to monitor where your advert has appeared on search results pages allowing you to analyse how the advert placement is affecting your campaign.  You can then optimise your bids according to this. Google has been tested this update before rolling it out and has said that on average the adverts placed at the bottom of the page performed better than the adverts at the side of the page – in terms of click through rates. There is no visible data to back this up at present but it’s definitely something that we are going to be analysing over the coming months. What are your thoughts on the new advert placement? Please leave your comments below.