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Paul Martin

Director of SEO (Australia)

Global Google Algoithm InvestigationIf you are reading this then you have probably been selected to help take part in a study after you responded to a request for help, by either myself or Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz, on the collection of data from Google in your respective countries. The data collection is to be used to look into the maturity of the Google algorithm across the world in different Google search engines. It is thought that the UK and US have the most up-to-date algorithms in and respectively and are the first to experience any tests or changes Google make. However, how different are the Google search engines in other countries and how should SEO strategies be altered to suit the different algorithms in different locations?

To help me investigate this question, I need your help. If you are currently situated in a country other than the UK or the US, I would like to borrow 5 minutes of your time to just quickly search for a few select phrases in your local Google search engine and report back on the websites that you see ranking. I understand that this could be achieved myself by simply searching in different Google search engines via country specific proxies, however I need the data to be a true as possible and searching via proxy could still be open to fluctuations due to my machine being located in the UK.


Depending on the country that you are situated in currently, please navigate to your local Google search engine. For example; if you are in South Africa this would be, if you were in Spain it would be, etc. If your local Google search engine has the option to search in different languages, please select the English option, if available. If your search engine doesn’t offer an English setting, please use the default language setting. Please ensure that all personalisation setting are disabled and you are signed out of any Google accounts that you may be operating. Perform a search query for each of the following 5 terms and record each of the top 10 organically ranking websites (this can be done manually or via a screenshot):

  • Car insurance
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Jeans
  • iPod
  • iPod touch 32gb

If English isn’t the native language in your country, please perform two further searches by translating the terms ‘Car Insurance’ and 'Bedroom Furniture' into your native language and searching for them again, selecting to search Google in your own language or the default language of your local Google search engine (if the choice is made available to you). Once you have collected the results, please email them to me here also mentioning your Twitter handle, your country of origin and the URL of the Google search engine you used. Once the data has been analysed, the results shall be presented on SEOmoz. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or get in touch with me on Twitter @PG_Martin. Many thanks everyone and I look forward to receiving your data!