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Rachael Casper

Web Developer

If you go for a walk around North Yorkshire this summer you may spot people hunting around with their GPS in hand. Geocaching has come to Yorkshire with the Geo Art Cache project managed by Chrysalis Arts. Geocaching is a high tech treasure hunt played using a GPS device. You are given coordinates and you have to find hidden containers called geocaches. You then share your experiences online. The Geo Art Cache project is a series of trails created by artists across North Yorkshire. It aims to encourage people to explore the region and engage with new art interventions that have been placed along the way.

‘Hunter Gatherer’ caches will appear at different times throughout the summer. Once you find a cache you’ll be asked to text your colour, and you will get a password for a film about a creature which is made from the responses gathered from all the hunters. The Hunter Gatherer caches use sound, colour and text to gather information from the hunters. ‘Where Spheres Intersect Prize Series’ is a series of caches; visit eight of them to collect clues to a secret ninth cache. You can also claim parts of a limited-edition artist’s book that will be completed by finding the secret cache. Other caches will appear on the site throughout the summer. Some of the caches have related iPhone apps and if you have a smart phone, the boxes contain QR codes to link to the website. You can also just take a picture with a camera and email it in. The site also encourages people to set up art caches of their own and they will put the cache details on the site for people to find. So grab a compass and a GPS and register on to take part!