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Whilst looking on the BBC website in February, I came across a page advertising a live performance masterpiece in Leeds. Obviously I was intrigued, and when I saw an online application to be a part of Frankenstein’s wedding as a participating audience member, I just had to sign me and a few friends up! Looking around the BBC Three's web page, I was interested in how this live theatre performance had been put together. There was a blog detailing Elizabeth’s (Frankenstein’s bride) video diaries prior to the main event, and a link to a dance video, which those lucky enough to get tickets would need to learn. It also had behind the scenes footage, where you could meet the characters and read about the event's dress code. It was a great teaser to the main event and a way of gaining online interest. After applying, I attended the dance workshop, and was selected to have a more prominent part via an email campaign that was sent randomly to 100 of the 1000 people taking park in the dance. Whilst at the event, it was hard to see what was actually going on in the performance as it was a mixture of pre-recorded clips and live scenes. When watching it back, it was great to see it all come together and even better when watching the flash mob dance, which to everyone else watching will have been a total surprise.

So in conclusion, I was indeed surprised that simply browsing the BBC website triggered the chain of events that occurred, and how they had used online advertising and email campaigns to get all the extras and dancers for the performance. I also think it could have been one of the largest flash mob dances with 12,000 in total taking part. And for those wondering what its like behind the scenes of something like this, it’s all fun and games as you can see from the below Youtube link (we were taking our prominent roles really seriously!).