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Facebook allows businesses to “connect with their fans,” but is it effective? I have undertaken a little bit of research to help market my new website where I blog about my favourite fashion item: shoes! I have experimented with a number of brands by writing posts about their latest collections and then posted the link to the post on their fan page. To my surprise, a number of brands commented on my post, liked it and most of all kept the post live. In addition to this, there were a number of brands who removed the post immediately, which to be honest is not surprising. However, in this day and age, I think it’s a shame for a brand to remove interaction from a fan when they are reaching out on a ‘social’ network. An example of some recent interaction from a couple of posts is below: Kurt Geiger “Hey Guys, I have just posted an article in regards to the new updated Corso Como Collection, please take a look!” They responded the next day with:

Aldo This is a great example of brand engaging with fans and in Kurt Geiger’s case, using another tool to drop in an offer for the weekend. This is in fact how brands should use Facebook to encourage interaction, discussion and hear fans' thoughts. Aldo took this one step further by encouraging fans to post pictures of them wearing Aldo shoes; this had a huge impact on the brand as likes, comments and discussion increase. Facebook is a social tool; it should increase activity between a brand and their fans. Many companies have hundreds and thousands of fans, and to remove posts merely eliminates the social aspect as brands seem to want to give and not take. It is therefore important to consider your social media campaign and ask yourself if you are providing your fans with the interaction they deserve. It is key to give something back to people who ‘like’ your brand and appreciate their thoughts. After all, people love personal connections and acknowledgement so make sure you take notice of your fans!