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Creative Director at Epiphany Wins Branding Competition for Leeds Digital Festival.

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Epiphany Search

This year's Leeds Digital Festival will showcase and celebrate talent in the sector, emphasising the importance of the city's contribution to online technology. The winning identity for the festival was unveiled last Friday, after submissions were sent in April and Epiphany’s Creative Director Gaz Battersby was a member of the team responsible for the winning brand. Gaz worked alongside Andrew Machin, head of design for Branded3, as well as Hannah Backhouse, a design student graduate; their identity will be used in November for the main event. (Photo: Rick Harrison 2011)

The festival, which takes place in November, has already kicked off with events like AweSEOme, an SEO roundtable where leaders in the industry - including Epiphany's head of search Andy Heaps - discussed the latest trends and updates in front of an audience of both agency and non-agency members. The event was a huge success and led to the creation of Sociality, an event which will also feature an expert panel and discussions about the latest and greatest developments in social media. It will take place at The Adelphi this Wednesday between 12pm and 2pm. The event is to be run by volunteers and representatives from the digital community, as well as Leeds City Council. Though previous attempts to launch a digital festival have been unsuccessful, designers like Battersby are confident that this festival will be the start of something special for both Leeds and the industry at large. ''Leeds is full of talented individuals and agencies, and this festival is an opportunity for us to share this talent and make Leeds known as the digital city of the north,'' said Battersby. ''We have already seen a fantastic level of commitment from so many people to help make LDF2011 success. Loads of people are giving up their own time regardless of agency allegiances, family and workloads to make LDF2011 an event with national impact.'' If you are interested in joining the team of volunteers for the Leeds Digital Festival, be sure to attend the next open meeting this Thursday, 18 August at 6pm at the Midnight Bell, 101 Water Lane, Leeds.