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Channel 4 Launches Site to Promote Sustainable Fashion .

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A new concept has been launched by Channel 4 enabling teenagers to swap and exchange clothes with friends online. The new website allows users to showcase their wardrobe to friends and choose items they wish to exchange or borrow. There is also an option to send a ‘fashion SOS’ which allows people to ask for certain items such as a black dress and red shoes for the weekend.

The new project aims to promote ethical clothing and sustainable fashion for teens aged 14 to 19 and is free to join. There will also be an app allowing users to upload pictures and tag photos of outfits. Projects like this can rapidly improve community engagement with a brand and its users online. It will also help the younger generation save money, shop ‘vintage’ and think more about sustainable clothing. This is a fantastic opportunity for fashion brands to sign up and lend items to show their support to ethical clothing whilst gaining some positive publicity. So to all the fashion brands out there, go sign up and lend your items! -@nishajagpal