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Recently, I have been feeling a little bit let down. It all started because of a trend on Twitter. Looking at the right of my screen, I noticed Alexa Chung was trending and, having a wee bit of a style crush on Ms Chung (like so many others of my age with a penchant for brogues and oversized jumpers), I decided to check out why. My first thought was Ms Chung must have been spotted wearing something special, or that perhaps she might have won another best-dressed accolade; alas, the truth was far less palatable. Elle style award favourite Ms Chung was trending because she’d uttered the fateful words "Blogs are ridiculous; they're just mood boards — unless you're Tavi." Eek, noooo!

Mini Alexa Chung fact file

  • Alexa was born in Hampshire on November 5th 1983
  • Became model aged 16 after being approached by scout at Reading festival
  • Worked as presenter on Channel 4’s Popworld in 2006
  • Became contributing editor at Vogue UK in June 2009
  • Briefly launched herself as presenter in the US with It's On with Alexa Chung on MTV 2009
  • In 2009, designer handbag company Mulberry created much sought-after bag named after and inspired by Chung, called the "Alexa"
  • In February 2010, Chung collaborated with J.Crew's Madewell on womenswear line which was unveiled during New York Fashion Week
  • Has been dating Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner since 2007

This phrase, uttered in a interview with Vogue UK, seems ill-considered from so many perspectives. Firstly, Alexa is in distinct danger of biting the hand that feeds. The model-turned-presenter-cum-fashion writer has been a contributing editor at Vogue since 2009 and makes a considerable amount of money offering her take on the world of fashion. Her popularity is in no small part due to her being featured on the ‘moodboards’ of many online fashion-conscious people. Having previously had the honour of having a Mulberry bag named after her and working on her own line with Madewell, Ms Chung has expressed her desire to become a designer in the future. If this happens, she will most definitely need those ‘ridiculous’ blogs on her side. Her reference to the enigmatic Tavi is a case in point. Tavi facts

  • Child fashion blogger from America
  • Exploded onto scene in 2009 aged just 13, though started the blog aged 11
  • Has featured on the covers of Pop and Love
  • Invited by top designers to view shows and work as a design muse
  • As her blog has grown, posts now span general musings, film and art as well as fashion; these have also gotten slicker and more polished
  • Blog:

The popularity of the stylerookie blog neatly emphasises why fashion blogging is particularly important. Blogging makes fashion accessible to all. From a brand perspective, it offers a platform for those interested in fashion to offer their own take. If you take a look at Tavi’s blog, it was itself very much a moodboard in the early days or, put more accurately, a sounding board where Tavi and her followers could discuss their ideas. The growing influence of fashion bloggers is not insular either; increasingly, leading bloggers (including Tavi) are being courted by top designers and asked to attend front row shows along with A-list celebrities. Why is this? Because fashion bloggers are people who care enough about the industry to dedicate their spare time to it, and they also have influence. Additionally, some of them are incredibly talented writers who offer a higher level of interaction than the monthly glossies. The world of print which Alexa is a part of has not failed to recognise the importance of bloggers either. Big style bibles such as Vogue or Dazed and Confused feature the work of external bloggers, counting on their knowledge and following to bring in the cash. Blogs offer both brands and consumers a unique opportunity for interaction to drive creativity within the industry. One of the UK’s most celebrated bloggers, Susie at stylebubble, explains in her blurb: “I am not a fashion expert/insider - merely a fashion lover/consumer ... meandering about and re-thunking my words for my own blog” While I’m sure Alexa will, in time, announce she has been taken out of context and that my love of sweaters and sensible shoes will once again draw me back toward her, one thing this debacle has most definitely achieved is giving me the friendly shove I needed to finally set up my own fashion blog. *expect shameless plugs to follow in future posts*