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Mike Gomez

SEO Strategy Manager

As well as stirring up loads of controversy, X-Factor is a big hitting Saturday night show in the UK. In the most recent series, it seemed contestants had a heads-up of who would be voted off thanks to Twitter.

Over the pond in the US of A, American Idol and X-Factor look set to use Facebook as part of their voting processes, which also includes the more traditional telephone and SMS text votes. Apparently, users will be able to vote up to 50 times as long as they vote within a designated period with the service launching 1 March. It’s definitely an interesting move by the reality television show and I would certainly suspect popular live voting shows - UK and US - to follow trend. Can you imagine voting for your favourite Britain’s Got Talent act? Or how about “liking” (or more likely disliking) an unfortunate contestant for a Bush Tucker trial? Just another method to bring things to the now generation. Quick and simple, click – done!