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Advertisers blitz social media to try for Super Bowl touchdown.

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It is official – Super Bowl XLV is upon us! On Sunday, 6 February millions of people in America will tune in to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Green Bay Packers. Although there is almost 700 miles in distance between states (Pennsylvania and Wisconsin), these two teams are not strangers to competing. For those of you who do not follow American football, here are some important stats to consider: 1.)  Previous meetings: Of the 32 previous games, Green Bay has won 18 times to the Steelers 14. 2.)  Super bowl wins: Steelers six vs. Packers three 3.)  Offence versus Defence: Packers have an amazing defence but the Steelers dominate when in offence. 4.)  Team loyalty: Green Bay has their cheese heads while Steely McBeam can be seen signing autographs for all Steelers fans.

At the moment, the Steelers are predicted to win but this year, be sure to keep your eye on another popular feature of the game: the adverts. Each 30-second commercial has a hefty price tag of $2.7 million, and this year there are both new and repeat performers: Regulars like Doritos, Pepsi and Budweiser as well as new buyers like Pizza Hut and Groupon, the local retail coupon website. Some companies, like Mercedes-Benz and Audi are even progressing into the digital world by incorporating social media into this year's adverts. The goal: to reach viewers beyond the 30-second slot. According to a recent Independent article, Mercedes-Benz is launching ''The World's First Twitter-Fueled Race,'' which gives cars to a two-person team that gains the most Mercedes Benz tweets and Facebook ''likes.'' The details, according to an Ad Week article, are as follows: Starting on 2 Feb, four racing teams led by four celebrities (Serena Williams, Rev Run, Nick Swisher and Pete Wentz) will make their way to the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Tampa in specially equipped Mercedes vehicles, competing in a series of challenges along the way. The winner is not the first to arrive but the team with the most Twitter activity or ''Tweet Fuel.'' The teams are competing for a pair of 2012 C Class Coupes that are not currently available in America. Steve Cannon, Merceds ad chief, said ''We think the combination of our advertising and the Twitter Race will create the type of 'living' advertisement that engages people in new ways.'' Audi will be rewarding its 10 ''most active'' social media fans with trips and prizes for the most original and humorous posts. ''We're trying to use social media to glue everything together, said Scott Keough, chief marketing officer at Audi America in a USA Today article. The real question is – Who will drive the ball furthest this year: Twitter followers or the Steeler's quarterback? My prediction: 28 to 24 Steelers (Photo: Source