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Will the new social media site Path replace Facebook? .

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Well that caught your attention didn't it?? Not possible you may think...everybody loves Facebook. Well that is apparently no longer the case. The social media giant may finally have real competition from a young upstart based in San Francisco, which has been created by former employee, Dave Morin. It is called Path and in some circles, anti-Facebook.

Path is different and not another social networking site. It dubs itself as a personal network based on the theories of Oxford professor Robin Dunbar, who hypothesizes that the maximum number of relationships anyone can grasp is limited to 150.For those Facebook users who have hundreds of friends, you might want to look away now. On Path, the maximum number of friends you can have is 50. Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Path Dave Morin explains why only 50. “You usually have about five people whom you trust most, 20 whom you consider your BFFs that you hang out with all the time,and about 50 or so who are your personal network. Path is built for that." So it’s clear that Morin and Co are doing a complete reversal from current social networking norms, where the more friends you have the better. Path will centre its personal network experience through photo sharing with a suite of mobile applications. Users will be able to share information such as the friends you’re with, the places you’re at, and the things you’re doing. If you think that Path might suit you ask, yourself this question: If you were stuck tonight because of the snow and your phone couldn’t make phone calls, but you could get on Facebook, excluding your family members, how many of your 200+ friends can you message to come and pick you up? If your answer is less than 5 then Path might be perfect for you. I personally can see the attraction of this new social/personal network site and can see that it might appeal to the disillusioned social network holdouts. However, if I asked myself would I cancel/transfer from my current social network site to Path, my answer would have to be NO. The main reason is because the thought of having to start all over again and decide which 50 friends to pick does not appeal to me. I do agree with the concept of Path and maybe it is time we all have a look at our definition of  a friend, and maybe it’s time we all shake the social network friends tree to see how many fall off. I have no doubt that a new social network site will come along soon and knock of the top spot like it did to, but will it be We will wait and see...