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James Dawson

Business Development Manager

I love the internet and without it as a tool, my job would be near impossible. BUT I also love it for the more obscure random sites that appear and suck up large proportions of my free time (outside of work!). There has always been a hole in my life that was never filled and this week I have realised that it was in the shape of Kemp Folds. is a site where people send in their folded pictures of Ross Kemp in a variety of moving and funny ways.

I love the net for viral sites like this and I have a dislike for all things Ross Kemp so I had to submit my own entry which I entitled “Disappointed Silence” (see image above). Virals like this are always shared between friends and I believe would make great sites for things like banner advertising if the right products are targeted. Urban Dictionary has lots of adverts for amusing and slightly offensive tee shirts which would appeal to the type of person that wants to look up the definition of rude urban slang and Sicipedia, a collection of highly offensive jokes, currently has banners for heavy metal bands. I defy anyone not to check out Kemp Folds after hearing such a thing exists and all that traffic could surely be marketed to. A relevant product for somebody who likes folding up ex soap stars heads escapes me for the moment but maybe a guide to origami would go down well!

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