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Mike Gomez

SEO Strategy Manager

Since the dawn of the Facebook Fan Page, the big brands have been out there fighting to raise their online brand profile. Attracting the millions of Facebook users to ‘like’ and ‘share’ to continually expose their household name to a growing network of followers and their friends.

We’ve taken a look to see who the big players are when it comes to product brands and their fan pages. 10 – iPod Followers: 6,208,636 Starting in at number 10 is the iPod. Every other person seems to have either an iPod or iPhone with an app for everything these days so the number of followers isn’t surprising. The fan page is a simple one with updates on the most recent / popular apps released within iTunes. 9 – Victoria’s Secret Pink Followers: 6,371,586 The sexy chic fashion of pyjamas and underwear designer keeps users involved though latest launches of clothes lines. Victoria’s Secret Pink also provide occasional competitions as well as the “Send Happy” messages which allows you to send bright happy messages to Facebook friends to make them feel... happy! One for the girls I think. 8 – Pringles Followers: 6,388,402 Pringles offer a range of engaging features. During the world cup they provided plenty of coverage plus football related YouTube videos. And remember the Pringoooals competition? Wayne Rooney, Didier Drogba, Cesc Fabrigas, Steven Gerrard – all backed by big name sporting brands. Peter Crouch decides to break the mould and back the “once you pop, you can’t stop” brand. More recent initiatives include “Pringles Conga” allowing you add your face to a pringle, give it a dancing move and add it to a conga line. Also the “Overshare” button another new feature telling your friends they are posting too many dull or over-detailed posts on Facebook. 7 – Windows Live Messenger Followers: 7,370,285 MSN Messenger is still going strong it seems and with this fan page users can gain plenty of insight into the software. There isn’t anything special about this fan page yet the Facebook integration within MSN messenger as well as useful tips, videos and expression packs on the fan page itself draw in the crowds. 6 – iTunes Followers: 7,603,121 Aaah, iTunes. The revolutionary software product that revolutionised the revolution of downloadable music. The page provides the latest chart toppers of songs, apps, movies and TV shows. There is plenty to do as well with frequent polls (obviously tied in with their promotions), pick your playlist (and share it with friends), Celebrity Podcasts as well as the latest promotional offers on the wall. 5 – Converse All Star Followers: 8,362,729 Yes a shoe brand has made it into the top 5 of the Facebook Fan pages for brand products. Personally I would have thought Adidas would be here with all their celebrity endorsements and funky features but hey, there you are. The Converse All Star fan page has an very active user “Discussion” section along with the opportunity to upload photos of your very own Converse All Stars (Do I call them sneakers, trainers? I’m obviously not that fashionable). 4 – Red Bull Followers: 10,839,264 So does the Red Bull fan page give you wings? Well the first thing that stands out is their cheeky attempt to get users to instantly “Like” them with their in-your-face image. Red Bull do a good job of their fan page actually with plenty of events and competitions. They also offer a games section which also includes a number where users can call and leave messages for other users to hear. Red Bull also endorse a fair few sports and with that they have plenty of athletes. The athletes Twitter feeds have been directly imported to Facebook which you can filter by typical sporting categories. Finally, Red Bull TV is streamed directly from the fan page allowing you to take a closer look at the Red Bull Athletes in all their sporting glory. 3 – Skittles Followers: 12,080,857 Skittles are fully aware of the amount of fans they have (they even call them a legion!) and they were one of the first in the social media game. Anyone remember when they made the homepage a Twitter search for the term Skittles? The main focus of this fan page is the “Mob the Rainbow” campaign. Every so often an event is set up. The most recent being the gate crash of an 85 year old woman’s party with photos, comments and videos. Another, way back on Valentine’s day, flooded a Parking Attendant with thousands of Valentine Cards. Random I know and it’s quirky enough to drag in the followers. 2 – Oreo Followers: 12,805,065 The runner up is Oreo – you know, that biscuits you twist, lick and then dunk in milk? Sounds a bit Marmite to me. The first thing that stands out is the “World’s Fan of the Week” giving a member of the public - ANYWHERE in the world – the opportunity to slap the mug in front of 12million facebook fans via a simple photo upload and weekly selection process. The company are also successful at asking their fans engaging question and posts such as “Describe the taste of an Oreo in only one word…” as well as providing messages from athletes and giving out free Oreo related recipe tips. 1 – Coca Cola Followers: 16,182,394 The leading product Brand is the world’s favourite drink, Coca Cola. The fan page is growing at an increasing rate and breaking away from the pack. The fan page is easily the most active of the all the previous brands. Fronted by Dusty and Michael - the ‘creators’ of the fan page - through the power of YouTube, there are plenty of snappy and humorous videos to watch. I’m not going to go into depth about all the features yet worth a mention is the way they present their custom pages. Each one is heavily branded yet well presented and feels as if it gives something to the all types of viewers, whether they want to upload photos and videos, send Coca Cola based messages to each other via the Polar Bear or check out the events and apps Coca Cola also offer. *All follower data correct as of 4th November 2010