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As advent doors get opened in December, it means there is no more denying that the festive season is officially here.  The build up to Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year with the commercial push starting from about September. But this year it’s no longer about decking your halls with boughs of holly…it’s all about decking out your iPhone. With less than two weeks until Christmas I thought I’d share my favourite Xmas related apps with you.

A STORY A DAY This app gives you an advent calendar with an edge.  You get a Christmas story a day from 1st December until Christmas day, along with a festive soundtrack and snowflake animation. It is guaranteed to give you a festive feeling every day! CHRISTMAS SHOPPING iLIST This app allows you to set a budget for all your Christmas presents, which although sounds slightly Scroogesque, definitely helps you make the budget go further which is always welcome. I come from a big family, which although has it benefits means your Christmas list is always huge and prone to spiralling out of control.  This app means you can keep an exact list of what you’re buying, who you’re buying for and also how much it all costs. So you can be certain that you’re not missing anyone off the Christmas list and in keeping with the festive spirit it’s free to download. LET IT SNOW GLOBE Although ‘Let It Snow Globe’ has no practical use whatsoever, it is weirdly satisfying!” You can choose your Christmas theme yourself then all you need to do is shake your iPhone and watch as the snow flies around. THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS Growing up we were read ‘The Night Before Christmas’ every year without fail. This application keeps the magic of ‘The Night Before Christmas’ but just gives it a little update.  It narrates the classic poem interspersing it with illustrations and moving graphics – this application is perfect for the whole family. And it’s not just iPhones that can get a festive makeover this year there are 100s of apps available on Facebook too. THE CHRISTMAS TREE Everyone remembers the excitement of decorating the Christmas tree when they were younger, placing all the baubles and getting it just right.  Now you can share that experience with the world on Facebook.  The tree even comes with its own Christmas music and without the hassle of dropping needles! SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS Making Christmas universal this application allows you to send festive greeting to your friends in any language, whether you want to say ‘Gledileg Jol’ to your Icelandic buddies or ¡Feliz Navidad! to everyone in Spain this application lets you do it all. Love  it, hate it or simply don’t care about it, there really is no way of escaping Christmas. You know what they say... if you can’t beat them, join them so give in and get those crackers at the ready!