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Rachael Casper

Web Developer

There have been some really good examples of what can be done with HTML5 lately especially on the Chrome Experiments website. The Key light and Multiuser Sketchpad are definitely worth a look. One of the best things I have seen lately is one made by Chris Milk. Google and Arcade Fire have created an interactive video for their song “we used to wait” called “The Wilderness Downtown”.

First you are prompted to enter the address of your childhood home and then the music starts to play. A series of pop up windows appear playing various animations and video clips - try to resist the urge to move them as they are placed about the screen for a reason! Satellite images of your old home are integrated into the video to create a really personal experience, and you even get to write a postcard to your childhood self. The animations and videos flow seamlessly across the different windows This creates a beautiful and interesting site that really shows off what can be done with HTML5 by making great use of the audio, video and canvas tags. The custom images of your childhood home rendered from the Google maps API help to create an emotional connection that makes you want to keep watching and interact further with the site. There is a further level of interaction which will continue over the coming months via the postcards you create. These postcards will be used in several ways both online and off (not yet revealed), including the ‘Wilderness Machine’ which will be part of the bands tour in North America. Could this be the future of music videos? It has certainly raised the bar for interactive online content.