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The author

Andrew Lowdon

Senior Account Manager

Having just returned from a holiday in Crete, I thought this was a good opportunity to discuss how the Internet helped to influence the choice of destination and what we did whilst we were there. Like most holidaymakers, when looking for a hotel, you can believe the tour operator that the hotel is the best thing since sliced bread. What I prefer to do is to run a quick search of the hotel with Trip Advisor, where you can read reviews from people who have stayed at the hotel before. Therefore before we left the UK, we knew that the hotel guests would mainly be German, Russian and Italian – but with good food, all inclusive drink and a stone’s throw from the beach.

Consumer opinions posted online are the second most trusted form of advertising according to Nielsen, with 70% of people trusting this form of advertising only behind recommendations from peers (90%). A quick search of the Internet also helped us to plan what we would do while we were out there. We discovered our hotel had a water park/entertainment centre next door, so we knew that we could do some water sports while we were there (dummies were spat and egos bruised) and you can’t go wrong with a 4pm swimsuit foam party! It also became apparent from searching online that quad bikes were popular in Crete, so we decided before we left that we’d hire quad bikes for one day of the trip – with near fatal consequences! With our resort being a mainly non-English resort, we found out from the Internet that Malia was only 10km away, so we decided this would be where we’d go on our nights of debauchery (however good an idea it seemed at the time, running the 10km back to our hotel fuelled on Red Bull with super cool cowboy hats on, wasn’t such a good idea!) After a weeklong carb-fest with more pasta than you can shake a stick at and an alcohol induced hazy memory with only photos as memories, it’s now time to use the net to find out how to get the pre holiday body back....