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The Difference between Online Visibility and Profitability?.

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Epiphany Search

Ask most companies today about the importance of online visibility, and most would agree that yes, it’s very important to them. With62 per cent of Brits now shopping online, (up from 53% in 2008*), it’s even more crucial to ensure that your marketing message is being seen, being acted upon, and crucially that the results are being measured.

However whilst more companies are putting a large tick in the online visibility check box,  far fewer companies are accurately measuring the profitability of their online campaigns. Bothregular and accurate measurement are crucial as this allows companies to plan and react to opportunities. However, according to a recent Trade Intelligence report, only 18% of companies are measuring on a daily or weekly basis, and just 4% of respondents are able to look at fully allocated spend when assessing the profitability of marketing activity.  Other statistics reveal that 25% measure return on advertising spend, 40% review cost per customer acquisition (CPA) and 19% measure cost per order. Most alarming is that 8% don’t analyse these metrics at all. Therefore whilst optimising your online visibility is one piece of the two-piece Visibility/Profitability online marketing puzzle, being able to effectively measure, track and make the best strategic decisions and improvements from the data is the essential second piece. Many companies recognise the need for this, but have an internal resource and/or specific skill -set challenge, and this is why they’re outsourcing this area of their business to companies that have recognised industry accreditations such as Google’s’ Analytics Qualification. Ultimately the best return on investment from your online marketing activities will always be derived from both optimised Visibility and optimised Profitability. More information can be found at: