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In November 2009 Payvment (social commerce platform) was first launched as an app on Facebook.  This meant that retailers could sell their products through Facebook for the first time without forcing people to leave their Facebook page. The app allows you to pay for purchases using any major credit card or PayPal.  You can use the promotions feature in the storefront admin system to enable ‘fans’ to receive a discount.

  This is a great way to recruit more fans.  There is also the facility to allow people to leave comments and reviews on products purchased, which will help sales and consumer confidence.  All of these comments and reviews can be monitored with the ability to remove any inappropriate or spammy content. In August 2010 a new API was launched allowing stores to import products much more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Facebook provides the perfect setting for catching consumers when they are discussing their likes and dislikes with friends and peers.  People can discuss purchases with their friends (people that they trust and are most influential) easily before buying anything. The number of high street shops or big brands exploiting this new channel is limited but how long will it be until we see big brands using it?  The e-commerce model on social networks is still fairly new and evolving.  Many brands will understandably be nervous about selling their products in an unknown territory.  These brands can’t however ignore the fact that Facebook is rapidly approaching a billion users so must take notice and act upon the huge changes and opportunities available.