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Mike Gomez

SEO Strategy Manager

PacMan Google Logo - Best Logo Ever!OK, I’ll openly admit this wasn’t discovered by myself, Dave found it while browsing to Google. Either way, this has to be one of the best Google logo’s to date.

Google are known for their logo designs depending on certain events and anniversaries of particular people or innovations. Today is no different – only this time, they have done something extremely cool.

So putting geeky excitement to a side, Google have placed a playable version of Pacman((!) – yes the geeky excitement is still there really) based around the Google letters. Just click the “Insert Coin” to start the celebration of the 30th anniversary of PacMan. Google say there are over 256 levels of “Google PacMan” to play should you want to go to that extreme. To start playing head over to Google.

If you fancy a two player - click on "Insert Coin" twice. Mrs Pacman will join in the fun. You can control her with A,W,S,D.

Well, there goes the rest of the day*

(*Note to boss, I’m not playing it, honest!)

PacMan is playable on Google - Click Insert Coin