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With a few of the modern web browsers already including support for the upcoming HTML5, I’ve been having a look into some of the features that I might be able to use when the rest of the web browsers catch up.

One thing in particular that I like the look of in HTML 5 is all of the improved functionality it brings to HTML forms.  In addition to the current HTML form inputs such as text, file, checkbox, radio button etc, HTML 5 brings a vast array (13) of new input types. These include dedicated input fields for:

  • Email addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • URLs
  • Search keywords
  • A range of inputs for handling dates.

The thing I find most interesting about HTML 5 forms is that it can perform validation on form submissions without the need for any JavaScript.  Currently I use the jQuery plugin ‘Validation’ to achieve this.  Using HTML 5’s built in validation in conjunction with its new input types it will make form validation simple. If we have an ‘Email Address’ field on a form, we can simply add ‘required’ to the HTML tag and it will check if what has been entered in the field is an email address. Whether this will make validation specific jQuery plugins obsolete will remain to be seen, personally from what I have seen I still prefer the jQuery validation plugin. Simply because it seems to have more options such as specifying the exact placement of error messages, plus there is more specific validation like checking for credit card numbers or only allowing files with a certain filetype. Does your browser support these new features? You can find out, and have a play with them here!