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In what seems to be a very interesting way to promote themselves in the face of increasing competition from web browsers such as Google Chrome and Windows Explorer 8, Mozilla have launched If you were to visit Google to do a search within the Firefox browser you will be greeted by the following page below with a clear call to action for Firefox Live.

Firefox Live is essentially driven by webcams in the enclosures of 6 Red Panda’s at the Knoxville zoo, 3 of them cubs, the Mum (Akkali), the Dad (Chewbacca) and Aunty (Kumari). Over the last 17 days competitions have been run to name the cubs, there is lots of information on the site as to how you can support wild “FireFoxes” and the Knoxville Zoo where they will be brought up. Although not huge yet, the CubCaretakers' twitter account set up to accompany the experiment currently has 1,514 followers although it has only tweeted on 22 occasions. The project is still young, but it looks like it is going to be great publicity for 2 non-profit organizations. Once you have viewed the webcams, if you want to, you can reward the cub’s cuteness with a treat. then download Firefox 4 Beta, as the little fellas are only 13% (13,000 downloads) away from their next target/treat.