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The 24th of September saw the world premier of the new film ‘The Social Network’. The film is about Facebook believe it or not.  I know that Facebook is a huge platform after having achieved its 500 millionth member this summer and is still growing, but to have a film made about it did surprise me.

The film does have an intriguing story line to it, as it’s not simply about the social networking itself, it’s the Hollywood version of the story behind Facebook and how it came to fruition.  It focuses on the betrayal that Zuckerberg’s three fellow undergraduates faced. The founder, Mark Zuckerberg is portrayed as a back-stabbing and scheming geek who struggled to make friends at Harvard University and had no luck in the romance department.  Needless to say, Zuckerberg wants nothing to do with the film. The film tells the story of the lawsuits against Mark Zuckerberg made by his three undergraduate mates who alleged that he stole the ideas of the social networking platform from them. Although these lawsuits were settled two years ago for a reported $65 million, proceedings were re-launched this year claiming that Facebook had overhauled the shares that were dealt to the three undergraduates.  The saga continues... Do you think we will see ‘The Social Network Part II’? Some interesting facts about Facebook and the new film:- •    Facebook is expected to generate $2 billion this year. •    Facebook is valued at $25 billion. •    Justin Timberlake plays Sean Parker, the first President of Facebook. •    The film is written by Aaron Sorkin, famous for the West Wing. •    The film is directed by David Fincher, known for the thriller Panic Room. •    There is speculation in Hollywood that Timberlake may get an Oscar nomination for his role – crikey! On Saturday morning I saw a report on the news showing Zuckerberg  on the Oprah Winfrey show, which aired on the 24th of September in the US.  He was on the show to announce a donation he was making to struggling state schools in Newark, New Jersey.  It was for $100 million, WOW - nice timing Mark!