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We have launched an End of Year Infographic based on our double page spread in The Drum magazine. It shows a few of the changes that have happened here at Epiphany Solutions in 2010, from the fact that Epiphany has grown by 100% in just 12 months to the number of kettles we've gone through in the same time.

To spice the infographic up a little, I added a little animation to each of the pieces of information. These all run when the page loads, but if you missed any you can simply hover over the graphic to see it run again (my favourite is the kettle). We think this makes it more interactive and interesting than a flat graphic. There are a few challenges to having the infographic animated though. The page is coded up in valid HTML5, using some of the newest code available, such as <header>, <section> and <footer> tags, and uses some great new CSS3 tricks to select the different elements on the page. The animations and movements are done using Javascript. I'm a big fan of the jQuery library, and I'm using it and some of its plugins to rotate images, animate along paths, and a few other tricks. jQuery is robust enough that you can be confident of the animations working across all the different browsers, although I stopped short of supporting Internet Explorer 6 as it would involve rewriting most of the scripts. Instead I've put a conditional comment in that swaps the dynamic page for a static image and alerts the user that they could upgrade to a better browser. Infographics like this are a great way to drive traffic to your site, and fulfil a dual purpose: 1. They show off your knowledge - in this case, how Epiphany has changed over the last 12 months. But it could be facts about your industry, which tells your (potential) customers that you're an expert in that field. 2. They encourage people to share, and the more engaging the infographic, the more it'll be shared! Adding a button for your visitors to share the infographic on Facebook or Twitter makes it a simple task for them to share, and gets you more hits and more links. Our End of Year Infographic is just one example of how you can increase traffic to your website, and one that often spreads to a huge number of people very quickly: simply by being shared on Social Networking sites by a few hundred people you can be exposed to several thousand in a very short time. With the huge number of infographics out there, it’s important to get it right – simply regurgitating old news won’t get people interested. But by publishing new information or by doing something a little differently, as we have with the animations, you can drive a lot of useful traffic to your site.