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Over the last few days, I have been researching ways in which online fashion retailers can make their websites more engaging for their users and have come across the outfit builder on the French Connection website. As I excitedly told my colleagues about this, I was informed that H&M also have the same feature on their site. Firstly, I can’t believe I‘ve only just spotted this (!) and more importantly, that other retailers don’t have this functionality on their websites. Traditionally, I have always preferred purchasing clothes in store, purely because I can see what the clothes will actually look like on me. Now I’m not saying I look like the lovely French Connection or H&M models, but at least you can put an outfit together and see what it looks like on someone.

In terms of usability and customer experience, the research we’ve conducted proves that the outfit builder has a positive impact on the conversion rate, order value and items per order. are providers of the functionality and have seen conversion rates increase by 10%, average order values increase by 30% and items per order increase by 11%!! The impact for retailers including this feature as part of their online shopping experience is significant and I suspect as this catches on, we’ll see this become commonplace on all the fashion websites we know and love. So what’s next? Will we be able to upload a picture of ourselves and see clothes that will fit our size and shape....