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Clothing Group Sees Visible Benefits to Search Specialist’s Campaign.

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Epiphany Search

Epiphany Solutions, the UK’s fastest growing search specialist, has revealed that its initial work on behalf of clothing group JD Williams is already having a dramatic effect on the online visibility of the company’s brands.

Epiphany Solutions, which won the contract to work with the JD Williams group, has conducted preliminary SEO work on behalf of six main brands. Initial site modification, in addition to content and architectural changes, have enabled Epiphany to maximise the visibility of JD Williams’ sites. Epiphany will now spend the next six months modifying the six clothing brands’ websites to ensure they are fully optimised.

Shane Quigley, Chief Executive, said: “We are delighted with the preliminary results from our first six months activity with JD Williams and the positive effect this will have on their business. “To see such dramatic improvement in just six months is testament to the quality of work undertaken by our team and we look forward to further improving the SEO of the well-known and well-loved brands in JD Williams’ stable over the next six months.”
Tony Wood of JD Williams said: “We have been impressed by both the speed and scale of improvements Epiphany has brought to bear on our websites and we look forward to continuing to work with them as our online visibility grows.”