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As you read this I’ll be in the middle of a (dry and not muddy) field with a hot spiced cider in one hand, my smart phone in the other and some amazing bands on the stage in front of me. Yes, that’s right – I’ll be at Glastonbury.

There are some things that technology can’t change about a festival, they can’t help you deal with having to sleep in a tent for a week without straighteners, they can’t make the ‘loo’ experience more pleasurable and they definitely can’t help you when the great British weather shows up! But there are some ways technology is enhancing the experience. There are a number of IPhone apps kicking about which not only give you the full line up, but let you highlight your band choices so you never miss anyone, much like the infamous Clashfinder. These apps also give you some guidance on what food is available on offer where and give you a little map so you can find your way to said food venue, or more importantly, the bar! Orange have brought out an app, available on ‘normal’ phones, which gives you an interactive map, full stage listings, a bar guide, a way to pinpoint your tent and Q’s favourite artist recommendations each day. They also have an iPhone app which includes an interactive 2D and augmented reality map. Even our augmented reality sceptic thought it looked great! If you are on Android you can download a handy little app which gives you a map of the campsite that lets you put a GPS point in for your camp as ‘home’ and it’ll help you navigate back to your campsite – for when you have totally lost your bearings in a crowd or maybe just had one too many…… For those of you using social media through your phones; if you search for #twisto on Twitter, you’ll be faced with 600+ users who are all attending Glastonbury. What started as a bit of an idea last year has emerged into Twitterbury, a meeting of social-media savvy festival goers, who want to make their ‘2D’ friends a little more real. If you’re there and you head to the West Holts Stage at 2pm on the 24th, you’ll witness a bunch of people searching out each other from the avatars alone. There is even a #camptwisto planned where people who have met over twitter are camping together. And taking it one stage further is the ‘Social Media Experiment’ which is taking place on Friday 25th June in the Igloo Dome. The experiment will, according to their website, ‘fuse live music, DJ sets, spoken word & art with various online & social media platforms’. In other words, I think that the performers will be incorporating social media into their sets. I wonder how long it is until we can send requests for our favourite song to the headliners, over twitter? Now I just to find a way to make the battery last. Orange charging tent here I come……